Sprayers for Orchards

Mounted and trailed sprayers

An effective phytosanitary defense strategy for your orchards requires allies capable of reconciling the ability to guarantee high performance with equipment with a compact structure.

The orchard sprayers proposed by MM are the right compromise between functionality and quality of intervention: thanks to their characteristics, they support you in the correct distribution of pesticides and insecticides even in orchards, which, with their peculiarities, need to receive specific interventions.

What are the challenges that these sprayers must respond to with their technical characteristics?

First of all, it is essential to ensure that the machine guarantees a good distribution, in terms of volumes, of the product throughout the orchard, even at height. Both underdosages and overdoses can, in fact, significantly damage your crops: in the first case, by not adequately protecting the entire area from possible infestations; in the second case, overloading both the plant and the fruits already present on it with products that are potentially aggressive and harmful, if a quantity of product greater than that recommended by the manufacturer is given.

It is not only the quantity of product distributed that must be regulated, but also the power of the jet, which, if too strong, could damage the growing buds.

The possibility of correcting these parameters with great simplicity makes MM sprayers a valid support in everyday work for those who own medium-sized orchards.

For example, for the treatment of tall trees such as fruit trees, “fixed cannon” or “adjustable cannon” head sprayers are available, which allow the jet to be directed more precisely onto the foliage of the plants.

Finally, although not bulky, the MM sprayers offer great efficiency in diversified activities according to your needs, thanks to the possibility of choosing the model with the tank most suited to your needs and of customizing the machine thanks to the wide choice of rear fans (round, linear, opposite or cannon).

Furthermore, connection systems (traditional or ISOBUS) can be applied to the entire range of MM mist-blowers to make them even more efficient and environmentally friendly.