Sprayers for Olive Groves

Trailed and mounted sprayers

The preventive phytosanitary defense strategy has long proven to be an increasingly necessary activity in many farms, but in recent years it has become particularly necessary for those farms that have olive groves among their crops.

The olive tree, a plant as ancient as it is fundamental for the Mediterranean diet, has in fact been particularly subject to attacks by bacteria and weakening of production resulting from climate change.

Whether mounted or trailed, MM Sprayers are the right equipment used to protect the olive tree from fungicide attacks. They can be moved between the various olive trees, with the ability to reach, with the right jet, even the highest branches, thanks to their wide range of fans and spraying systems available.

Among the various models of sprayers for olive groves suggested by MM you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for your olive grove in terms of tank, portability and accessories, which could become even more performing if combined with our connection systems (traditional or ISOBUS), which allow you to work more efficiently and respectfully for the environment.