Sprayers for Farm Fields

Mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers

Preventive phytosanitary treatments are an indispensable for preserving the productivity of your crops. MM can become a precious ally, offering useful tools to speed up and optimize your work as a farmer.

The proposed machines are perfect for small and medium-sized agricultural companies: compact for moving on passage roads between cultivated lands and configurable according to your needs and the type of plant to be treated.

MM professional agricultural sprayers can help you in multiple activities. Thanks to their characteristics and the accessories that can be supplied on request, in fact, they are suitable for the distribution of pesticides, but also of liquid fertilizer or for weeding operations, thanks to the application of a special boom.

They are available in the mounted, trailed and self-propelled version.

Among the most useful accessories available on the different models are the anti-drift nozzles: essential for reducing the dispersion phenomenon of the products used to eradicate insects and parasites as much as possible.

Furthermore, connection systems (traditional or ISOBUS) can be installed across the entire range in order to make the machines even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

There are many variables to evaluate, but MM will be able to guide you in this selection with models that can be customized to best perform their task on every terrain and with every type of crop.