Wheelbarrow 50 L

Wheelbarrow 50 L


Cleaning and hygiene are essential characteristics for anyone’s health and well-being, both in private and public spaces where many people pass.
Sanitization carried out with the correct procedures guarantees an environment free of microorganisms and sanitized.
It is even more important value when it comes to public places where viruses and bacteria can concentrate and where the simple cleaning the environments is not enough, but it is essential to go deeper.
If ordinary cleaning is an automated practice that can be carried out by any person, sanitizing the spaces requires qualified personnel, effective equipment and products, that are not aggressive for the instruments and furniture.
Sanitization starts from a simple principle: to restore contaminated environments to a one in compliance with all hygiene and health standards, through appropriate interventions and procedures.
Especially by completely eliminating any parasites or other pathogens.

Standard technical features

4 versions available:
       • 12V ECO (BATT 12V 7,2A – battery charger included) with Flojet pump
       • 12V PRO (BATT 12V 17A – battery charger included) with Ametek pump
       • stroke version (Honda GX25 4-stroke) with MM308 pump
       • 230V single-phase with AR DUE pump
50 L tank
60 cm lance with nozzle for standard indoor sanitization
standard pressure regulator
10 m hose as standard

Fields of application

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A mix of high level of performance / compactness and time saving while working!

Models / Standards / Optionals / Accessories

CODE Tank Pump Engine L/min BAR Assorbed Power Spray range (m) Hose Dimensions (cm) Weight
S2015011 50 Lt FLOJET 12V 12V 7,2A BATTERY (charger included) 3,8 4,0 MAX 0,1 3-4 10 m 60x120x62 27
S2015012 50 Lt Ametek 12V 17A BATTERY (charger included) 6,0 5-10 MAX 0,25 6-7 10 m 60x120x62 30
S2025110 50 Lt AR DUE 230 V SINGLE-PHASE 8,0 30 1,0 6-8 5 m 60x120x62 32
S2385017 50 Lt MM308 HONDA GX25 4-STROKE 8,0 30 1,0 6-8 5 m 60x120x62 27

Technical data providedin this brochure are for information purposes only and can be changed without notice.

Technical documentation