Sani-System MM

Sani-System MM


Automatic sanitizing system for trolleys outdoors and indoors.
It is a fully automatic system that for its installation does not require neither masonry works nor utilities such as light (in an open environment) and water. The installation must be carried out by specialized personnel, however, it is simple and quick.
It is a system for the spraying of a disinfectant product that is dispensed automatically on the trolleys in the boxes (areas) of collection whenever a user deposits or picks up a cart.
The system is equipped with safety features that prevent accidental spraying in case a user is inside the box or enters a nebulization in progress. The apparatus is equipped with an automatic management system that allows it to be switched off during the closing hours.
The low voltage system is equipped with a buffer battery that is recharged through a photovoltaic panel that will be applied on the roof of the trolley collection box, in the case of outdoor installations.
In the case of installations in closed areas it will be necessary to connect the system to a power source (230V) to connect a power supply that will keep the battery charged.
The consumables consist exclusively of the disinfectant solution (5 lt drum) that will need to be supplied as needed, probably for a medium-sized supermarket once/ twice a week.
The disinfectant product is a surgical device certified virucida specific to be nebulized, also being neither chlorine-based nor hydrogen peroxide-based, does not damage the surfaces and materials even if sprayed repeatedly over a day.
The equipment is supplied complete with CE Certification 2006/42 (machine safety) and Technical Report on the abatement of the microbial charge on the surfaces of the trolleys, issued by a certified chemical laboratory.

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