MM “SA” BiOzone KIT

MM “SA” BiOzone KIT


The MM-SA BIOZONE Kit is applied ONLY to machines produced by MM, in particular to the 20L, 50L and 70L trolleys. Through the distribution of OZONIZED WATER, it allows, as a corroborant, to reduce the use of pesticides and protect the soil, the plants and the agricultural products in a totally natural way.

Ozonation is a natural and organic water treatment process that destroys microorganisms through the infusion of ozone, a gas produced by subjecting oxygen molecules to high electrical voltage. Ozone is produced as needed on site. Actually it is well-known as the most powerful, effective and safe compound in the treatments for disinfection and sanitation.
It has a high bactericidal and fungicide power with a fundamental advantage which makes it unique: in a short time Ozone is converted into Oxygen without leaving any trace of residue on vegetation, products and environment.
In the next few years it will be the excellent candidate to integrate or replace the classic treatments with pesticides for the integrated pest control in organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Standard technical specifications

100% organic NO RESIDUE

innovative technology


tanks with different capacities (20L, 50L and 70L) for every need

Fields of application

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A high-level mix of performance/compactness and time saving at work!

Models / Standards / Optionals / Accessories

CODE Description Dimensions cm Weight
MM-BIOZONE 20 Kit MM-BiOzone SA + barrow sprayer for 20L ozonated water distribution 50x57x103 23-24
MM-BIOZONE 50 Kit MM-BiOzone SA + barrow sprayer for 50L ozonated water distribution 65x140x70 36-49
MM-BIOZONE 70 Kit MM-BiOzone SA + barrow sprayer for 70L ozonated water distribution 70x165x72 40-54

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