MM-BiOzone 50

MM-BiOzone 50


Ozone has a very strong natural and biological biocidal power.
Today it is known as the most powerful, effective and safe compound in disinfection and sanitization treatments.
It has a very high bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal power but with a fundamental advantage that makes it unique: in a short time the ozone is converted back into oxygen, without leaving any type of residue on vegetation, products, and the environment.
In the coming years it will be the excellent candidate to integrate or replace the classic treatments with pesticides in the integrated fight of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Ozone (O₃) has been recognized by the WHO and the National Institute of Health, a natural protection for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. and infested with mites, insects, etc. It is therefore scientifically proven that ozone has a very powerful sterilizing power and leaves no residue either on the surfaces or in the environment.

All our machines are CE certified and the reliability of the results is documented by tests carried out and verified by a certified analysis laboratory (MM-BiOzone KIT results)

Sanitization is produced by the MM-BiOzone 50 (see features available in the table below) with a compatible MM-BIOZONE KIT (in this case MM-BiOzono SA Kit and MM-BiOzono SB Kit)

KIT MM-BIOZONO SA (ozone mixed in tank)

  • Engine: 12V and HONDA GX25 (4-stroke)
  • Pump: Flojet 12V and MM308
  • Ozonator: 12 V battery-powered, about 4 hours of autonomy
  • Maximum hose size: 25 mt
  • Accessories: a spraying lance or 1,5 mt bar (4 nozzles) or 2 mt bar

KIT MM-BIOZONE SB (ozone mixed before being sprayed)

  • Engine: all types of engine
  • Pump: AR 252 (no need a bigger pump)
  • Ozonator: 12 V battery-powered, about 4 hours of autonomy
  • Maximum hose size: 50 mt
  • Accessories: a spraying lance or a bar max 3 meters

With KIT MM-BIOZONO SB we are able to have a production of ozonated water of 10 lt min at 8 bar fixed fissa

Standard technical features

100% organic ZERO residue

innovative technology


2 KITS available:

50 L tank

60 cm lance standard

standard pressure regulator

5 m hose

Fields of application

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A mix of high level of performance / compactness and time saving while working!

Models / Standards / Optionals / Accessories

CODE Kit BiOzone Pump Engine L/min BAR HP Spray range m Dimensions
with electric pump
M2015011 SA FJ-12V ECO 12V + BATT12 V 7,2A 3,8 4,0 MAX 0,1 3-4 60x120x62 27
M2015012 SA AM – 12 V PRO 12V + BATT 12V 17A 6,0 10,0 MAX 0,25 6-7 60x120x62 30
M2025110 SA AR DUE 230 V SINGLE-PHASE 13,0 20,0 1,2 6-7 60x120x62 22
M2195010 SA-SB AR 252 230 V SINGLE-PHASE 25,0 25,0 1,5 7-8 60x120x62 37
M2195012 SA-SB AR 252 400 V THREE-PHASE 25,0 25,0 1,5 7-8 60x120x62 37
with 4-stroke engine
M2385017 SA MM308 HONDA GX25 8,0 30,0 1,0 6-8 60x120x62 27
M2025018 SA-SB AR 252 RATO EHRS100 25,0 30,0 2,5 6-8 60x120x62 37
M2195018 SA-SB AR 252 RATO R210 25,0 30,0 6,0 9-10 60x120x62 40
M2195021 SA-SB AR 252 SUBARU SP17 25,0 30,0 6,0 9-10 60x120x62 40
M2195017.1 SA-SB AR 252 HONDA GP160 25,0 30,0 4,8 9-10 60x120x62 39
CODE Pump Engine L/min BAR Dimensions
KIT MM-BIOZONO SA Any Any 25x20x33 9,8 (with battery)
value corresponding to the combination of pump and engine – see the table
CODE Pump HP request L/min BAR Dimensions
KIT MM-BIOZONO SB AR 252 Any 10,0 8,0 40x30x65 13,9

Technical data providedin this brochure are for information purposes only and can be changed without notice.

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