Euro Spray 20 L

Euro Spray 20 L


Euro Spray has a tank of 20 Ltr, it can be combined with following engines: single-cylinder 2 stroke engine KM 26, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine Honda GX25 or even with an electric motor powered by a 12V battery with general switch on/off and battery charger. Euro spray is very adaptable and comes with the Walbro Carburetor, ‘Easy Starter’ device and pump pistons in chromed stainless steel with double seals.

Euro Spray also offers great resistance to corrosion, lasts over time. The electric version has an operating pressure of 3,8 bar, while the 2/4-stroke  engine version can achieve 30 bar (adjustable).

The electric version is supplied with a 60 cm brass lance with adjustable brass nozzle, a brass lever tap and 5 m flexible wired hose.

The 2/4-stroke version is supplied with a 60 cm lance for high pressure spraying, 5 m PVC hose.

Euro Spray is very versatile and it is used for the distribution and spraying of liquid products in pesticide treatments and for the weeding of vineyards, orchards and nurseries.

It is also used for disinfestation and localized treatments. The trolley is made of painted steel, with wheels that guarantee excellent stability of the motor pump and easy handling even on uneven grounds.

Standard technical specifications

  • 20 ltr polyethylene tank
  • Battery and battery charger
  • 60 cm lance with adjustable nozzle
  • 5 m hose
  • additional double nozzle for weeding on the 2/4-stroke engine version
  • Turbo spray gun on the Honda version.

Fields of application

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A high-level mix of performance/compactness and time saving at work!

Models / Standards / Optionals / Accessories

CODE Pump Engine L/min BAR HP Spray Range m Dimensions
M2001511 FLOJET 12V 12V BATTERY 3,8 4,0 MAX 0,1 3-4 50x45x100 14
M2001519 MM308 KM26 2-STROKE 8,0 30,0 1,5 6-7 50x45x100 14
M2001517 MM308 HONDA GX25 4-STROKE 8,0 30,0 1,0 6-8 50x45x100 15

    Component – 5m hose

  • Euro spray 20 Lt - caricabatterie

    Component – Battery charger for 12V 7,2A battery

  • lancia a leva leggera

    Component – Lever lance with adjustable nozzle

  • lancia turbo - SOLO Honda GX25 4 tempi

    Component – Turbo spray gun for 20L tank and Honda GX25 4-stroke

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