Electrostatic Kit for Airblast Sprayers ATP and ATR

Electrostatic Kit for Airblast Sprayers ATP and ATR


The Electrostatic Kit by M.M. ensures the reduction of losses of both water and plant protection product during the application, without reducing its quality.
It improves not only the deposition efficiency, but also the spatial distribution of the droplets deposited throughout the canopy of the plant, especially under the leaves, where parasites usually hide and reside.
It produces an intense electric field, thanks to a high voltage positive electrode. Drops acquire a charge opposite to that of the target, so they are strongly and quickly attracted to it. The highly charged drops repel each other, avoiding overlap and ensuring uniform coverage of the plant. This electrostatic spray system combines the production of charged droplets with the air-assist.
To avoid accidents or damage to the equipment it is equipped with an automatic safety device that prevents it the short circuit.

-> Reduction of water consumption
-> Savings of the spray mix per hectare
-> Reduction in losses to soil
-> Reduction of operating costs
-> An environmentally-conscious choice
-> Improved coverage uniformity
-> Improved efficacy with both insect and disease control
-> Productivity improvement

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A high-level mix of performance/compactness and time saving at work!

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