ATP Mounted Airblast Sprayers 300 L

ATP Mounted Airblast Sprayers 300 L


These machines are conceived for treatments with products for the phytosanitary protection in vineyards and orchards of different size.

Thanks to their versatility it is possible to connect different accessories, such as different types of spraying lances.

The 300 L ATP models are the perfect solution for those who have to treat their cultivations professionally having the possibility to set up them according to their own working needs.

Sophisticated design in typical Italian style, Line and compact profiles to allow easy handling and operation in very small spaces.

COMPACT DESIGN: all the tanks (main tank, hand wash tank and system washing tank) are completely integrated in the machine and rounded to avoid any damage to branches and buds.

Caratteristiche tecniche di serie

  • Hot galvanized steel tubular frame
  • Width: only 95 cm
  • Three-point linkage (type 1 or bigger)
  • 300 L polyethylene total drain tank with hinged lid and level scale
  • Hand washing tank
  • Suction filter with valve
  • Remote pressure regulator
  • Anti-pollution ejector
  • Hot galvanized Ø 620 mm fan unit with nylon glass adjustable blades
  • One-speed gearbox with declutch and neutral position
  • Stainless steel nozzle holder hoses
  • 10 anti-drip brass jets with 1,20 mm ceramic nozzles

Fields of application

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A high-level mix of performance/compactness!

Models / Standards / Optionals / Accessories

CODE Tank Pump L/min BAR Assorbed Power Fan ∅ Blades Nozzles Spray range A+B Dimensions cm Weight
M2303009 300 L AR 503 55 40,0 30 620mm 8 5+5 10+5 95x150x130 152
  • cisterna lavamani integrata

    Component – Hand washing tank integrated

  • filtro con valvola e valvola di scarico antinquinante

    Component – Suction filter with valve

  • regolatore di pressione o gruppo comando Annovi e Reverberi GR 30 (2)

    Component – Remote pressure controller

  • idroeiettore antinquinante

    Component – Hydroejector

  • livello esterno

    Component – External level for 300-600L mounted version only

  • gruppo ventola zincato a caldo

    Component – Hot galvanized fan casing

  • aste portagetti in acciaio inox

    Component – Stainless steel arches for nozzle holders

  • getti in ottone antigoccia

    Component – Brass nozzle holders with anti drip

  • getti doppi antigoccia (da 1000 a 2000)

    GD - Optional – Double nozzles with anti drip (complete kit)


    DIS2EREG - A – 2-way electric distributor with electric pressure regulator + control panel

  • kit distributore elettrico a 2 vie e quadro comandi_mini

    DIS2E - A – Remote controller with electric pressure regulation with closing valve

  • ventola 830 2v fr_mini

    SUPVS720 - A – Additional charge for Ø 720mm fan (for 300-400L)

  • ventola 830 2v fr_mini

    SUPVSF720 - A – Additional charge for Ø 720mm fan with clutch

  • ventola 830 2v fr_mini

    SUPVSF2V720 - A – Additional charge for Ø 720mm fan with 2-speed gear box with clutch

  • supplemento ventola lineare 720_mini

    SUPVLN620 - A – Additional charge for linear fan vineyards Ø 620

  • kit apertura chiusura laterale_mini

    A – Additional charge for kit to indipendently open and close the air outputs

Technical data providedin this brochure are for information purposes only and can be changed without notice.

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